Monday, February 4, 2013

A Perfect Day

On Saturday, Charlie and I decided to spend the entire day doing things we either haven't done before or things that we usually do not do. Our schedules have been so jam-packed lately, it seemed like we haven't gotten to spend very much time together. Also, because I am leaving for Chicago on Thursday and he is away on a recruiting trip for the beginning of this week, it just seemed like Saturday was a perfect day to take a break from everything.

We began our day by going to the Georgia Winery. I had only been to the winery at the Biltmore House and Charlie had never been to one before. It was so unique and cute and such a perfect thing to begin our date day on the snowy/icy afternoon that we were having. The theme for this month at the winery is Wine & Chocolate. If you live nearby and you like wine &/or chocolate, you should definitely check them out one Saturday this month! The chocolate literally melts in your mouth! Best part about this -- ITS FREE! :)

Next, we grabbed some frozen yogurt and used my groupon that I had been saving. I love Groupon and finding a good deal makes my day! I purchased the groupon for Cool Swirl frozen yogurt for $5 and we had $10 to spend there & our total came to $10.05! I love all of the fruity flavors and then piling my fro-yo cup with fresh fruit toppings! We had never been to Cool Swirl, but Sweet Frog is still my favorite place to get fro-yo in Chattanooga - they just seem to have a larger & better selection. 

To finish up our day, we went to see a Murder Mystery Dinner Show at the Vaudeville Cafe. We had only been here once, for my birthday last year, and we loved it! We chose to see the Mystery of Flight 138 show - which so happened to be a flight to Chicago. How fitting! :) It was a great dinner and a great evening spent laughing at the funny actors. I definitely recommend going here as well!

Saturday was such a perfect, fun-filled day spent with Charlie. I'm so thankful for him.